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The Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers are now available in the C-Store! To celebrate their release, we hope you enjoy this new spotlight video that features them:   IMPORTANT NOTE: All nine Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers are a...
Published Feb 20, 2014
Spire Featured Project #8 The discovery of the Solanae Dyson Sphere has provided a unique opportunity to fleets of all factions. The Romulan Republic is leading the Joint Command in charge of operations inside the Sphere, and they know ...
Published Feb 20, 2014
  Starfleet Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers Omega Class The Dyson Joint Command's engineering and scientific efforts within the Solanae Dyson Sphere have yielded incredible results. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers has been a...
Published Feb 19, 2014
We are currently running a special weekend event where you can earn bonus Marks by playing content throughout the game! This event runs until Monday, February 24, 2014 at 10AM PST. During the event, content that provides Marks (Fleet or ...
Published Feb 19, 2014
Destination Star Trek Germany Heading to Destination Star Trek Germany this weekend? The German STO Community Team will be in attendance and have some fun panels planned for you to attend, in addition to a special gift from the STO Te...
Published Feb 19, 2014


Mason tagWEBtagFLAG posted Nov 27, 13
From time to time we will post Important Items about the Fleets, Upcoming Events, and other Important Information in this section. Please check it often as it will keep you up to date with the Fleets happenings.
It has taken several months of experimentation but it is ready! @cfsupportbot is now in operation. You ca do several things with it right now, with more features on the way. Here are some basic functions...

Someone make a stupid comment and want to immortalize it for all eternity? Type "!quote add" followed by the quote and it will be added. Type "!quote random" to view a random quote in the index.

Need to search something? "!google" is your friend. Did Alice babble out a random word and you want to see if it is real? "!dict" is the key.

Some examples:
"!google Ferret stew"
"!quote add Alice@EnsignTuel: *makes and eats Ferret stew*"
"!dict vodkaolic"

I will be creating a page full of commands you can use real soon. In the meantime, have fun!

Holiday Giveaway Winners

Mason tagWEBtagFLAG posted Dec 20, 13
Our 2013 Holiday Giveaway Winners Are:

  • Mirror Universe Advanced Escort
  • Ground Non-Combat Pet - Sehlat Cat Cub

  • Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel
  • Festive Party Popper

  • Mirror Universe Ha'nom Guardian Warbird
  • Ground Non-Combat Pet - Sehlat Cat Cub

  • Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel
  • Risian Sunglasses - Shield

  • Mirror Universe Advanced Escort
  • Spatial Charge Launcher

  • Mirror Universe Ha'feh Assault Warbird
  • Space Non-Combat Pet - Danube Runabout

Winners TBA

Winners TBA

Winners TBA

Winners TBA

Winner TBA

Holiday Giveaway

Mason tagWEBtagFLAG posted Dec 17, 13

From 12/20/13 to 12/25/13 the staff of the 1279th Imperial Assault Command and the House of Batlh are hosting a daily prize giveaway and 1 GRAND PRIZE giveaway.

How to enter:
Send a message to Mason in game with your @Handle and Faction(s)/Race(s) you play. (That way we can attempt to not give a Romulan ship to someone who doesn't have a romulan toon), and if you would please put Holiday Giveaway as the subject that would be helpful.

Description of the Giveaways:
Giveaway Rules:
Daily Giveaway:

  1. Participants can only win a Daily Prize once.
  2. Winners will receive one prize at random
  3. Winning a Daily Prize will NOT exclude you from the GRAND PRIZE
  4. You are not allowed to exchange your prize for another. 
If you do not want/need the prize you received give it to someone who does or sell it for E.C.

Grand Prize Giveaway:
  1. Everyone who entered the giveaway is eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE. Even winners of the Daily Prizes are eligible.
  2. All 4 modules come as one bulk prize.
If you don't need all 4 sell them or share them.

How the contest will work:

  1. Mason will keep a list of the @Handles of all players who have entered and will mark their names off as they win
  2. Mason will keep a list of the Prizes
  3. Mason will use a random name picker to randomly pick the @Handles of the participants who have not won yet.
  4. Mason will enter ALL participants name into the picker for the GRAND PRIZE.
  5. Winner's will receive a message in game with their prize attached in game and all winner's will be announced on the forums.

Daily Prizes: Winners will receive at random any item listed below.
Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Ha'nom Guardian Warbird
Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Ha'feh Assault Warbird
Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Patrol Escort
Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Advanced Escort
Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel
Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel

Console Pack -
Bio-Neural Warhead/Nadeon Detector
Console Pack -Isometric Charge/Antimatter Spread
Console - Universal - Spatial Charge Launcher

Voth Separatist Duty Officer Requisition
Outifit Box - Risian Sunglasses - Shield
Ground Non-Combat Pet - Sehlat Cat Cub
Space Non-Comabt Pet - Danube Runabout
Festive Party Popper
Powered Alien Artifact

Fleet Ship Module X 4

You can donate E.C. to the 1279th Fleet Bank or you can contact a Flag Officer if you have items you would like to give to the prizes.

Keep an eye out for your message if you enter and keep those fingers crossed.

Good Luck from the 1279th Imperial Assault Command and the House of Batlh.

December: The month of giving

Mason tagWEBtagFLAG posted Nov 27, 13
The month of December will be dedicated to helping the KDF fleet, House of Batlh, with their fleet holdings. Since the Star Bases and it's holdings where introduced both fleets have been making fantastic progress along the way, though sadly the KDF fleet is trailing the FED fleet by quite a bit. Partly due to the lack of activity, and in large parts from the active members of the KDF fleet helping with the FED base.

So during the month of December the members of the 1279th will be giving back to the KDF fleet by helping as much as we can and in anyway that we can.

It is the month of giving and what better gift for us to give than our time and resources to this wonderful fleet.

Please ask the Fleet Officers for invites to the fleet if you do not already have a KDF toon in the fleet.
All the Officers, both Fed and KDF combined, will be happy to help you with your KDF toons in anyway that we can.

Please check with Hank900, Swiftofpaw, or Phoenixwolf about which projects take priority and aid them in anyway you can.

If you need help gearing or leveling your KDF toons just ask and everyone will do their best to aid you.

Jonathon David Mason
Executive Officer 1279th Imperial Assault Command
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